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Jung Pirates Starter Set

When years passed without word of the Jung, they were considered lost, their return under the mon of the giant squid surprised everyone. They have reaped what they need from the traders on the seas of the Jwar Isles, forcing the Shiho, the leaders of the Prefecture at that time, to label them pirates. Their fleets are faster and their knowledge of the Isles’ waters unparalleled by all but perhaps the Carp clan, allowing them to evade the larger, less experienced junks of the Prefecture. Long years away from the courts of the Jwar Isles have left the Jung rough around the edges but they have not forgotten their ancestry.

We are delighted to be releasing a new faction into the world of the Jwar Isles, the pirates will be an interesting mixture of people from lands near and far joined together to fight under the banner of the Jung. We will be releasing these starter set models and other point of release blisters in Wave 30, which coincides with our visit to Gencon.

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The Luck of the Kami

The commander of the Prefecture patrol, a porlty man of clear wealth, was in his cabin studying charts of the recent attacks when a knock interupted his work. He looked up to see his lieutenant and a bedraggled man, with a sigh and an almost imperceptible gesture he signalled them to enter the room. He discovered the man had been found swimming aimlessly this far from the shore and when fished from the sea refused to speak to anyone but the patrol's commander, lest he not be believed. His report complete he dismissed his subordinate, whilst dissapointed not to be permitted to stay and listen he was no doubt eager to join the other officers and speculate on this poor cur's situation. From a low, respectful position the man, relayed his story. The commander's face remained a well worn mask throughout, hiding his true feelings as he looked on passively. When his story had been told, the commander passed on instructions that the man be fed, clothed and then flogged and thrown in the brig.

The morning was calm and clear. Light glittered and danced off of the gentle waves as Ryo stood reflecting on his first journey as captain of the goodspeed, the sound of seagulls following in their wake, hoping no doubt to join their success and perhaps get a meal in return. His preparation had paid off, they made an excellent trade on Izu, and he had had the luck of the Kami to invest much of his profit in some fine furs from the exotic creatures that call the islands' dense jungle home. They would gather a handsome price on his return. He would certainly be welcomed back a success in the eyes of his men and family when he returned. 

The junk bobbed gently with the waves, in tune with his peaceful persona and perpetuating the relaxed feeling across the crew. Ryo's reverie was broken by the unified cries of the starboard oarsmen, swiftly followed by the slap of their oars hitting the water. Rapidly approaching was a lithe looking junk, it's speed at odds with the flat winds the day had to offer. Where it had come from and how it was achieving such speeds were questions he had no answer, the mon of the octopus was all he needed to know. His only hope now was to rally his oarsmen and keep the Jung away long enough to encounter support, they were only two days out from Ryu and the Dragon's patrol boats were still a deterrent to these pirates. A small chance at best but as he roared commands he hid the truth from those that knew the odds just as well as him. It proved to be all for nothing as their pursuers quickly closed the distance between them, when it was clear they would be caught Ryo addressed his men and pleaded with them to lay down their arms, the only chance for anyone to survive would be to fall on the mercy of the pirates and let their fates be decided by the Kami. His words found their mark and reluctantly the more eager amongst them dropped their weapons in disgust, unclear whether it was directed at Ryo or themselves. As the first boarding party landed Ryo felt bitter dissapointment when one of his men ran and jumped overboard, 'fool' he thought 'he's liable to get us all killed'. The pirates looked frustrated to find the traders unarmed and prostrate, only Ryo stood, with far less confidence than he had hoped to portray. Those that dared to take a look up from the floor wished they hadn't, a terrifying hybrid of man and shark stalked between them making its way to the edge of the boat, there it looked over, pointing out at the deserter, thrashing away in the water as fast as he could. With a shake of her head Mari Jung identified herself as the leader "No Arata, let him go". She directed those around her with efficiency, they quickly tied up the crew and Ryo felt a certain amount of begrudged respect for the woman. She dispatched them to secure the cargo and only then did she focus her attention upon Ryo. He waited for her to speak and was surprised by her eloquency, as he listened to the introductions he now felt uncertain as to what he had expected of her. He pleaded with her offering his life for the safety of his crew to which she laughed, "what do you think of us, we are neither dragon nor eagle and the Kami smile down upon you this day, we will take what we need and let you be on your way". 

A huge surge of relief flooded through Ryo and the tension that had stretched to breaking point on the deck slowly unwound. Her work here done, Mari was returning to her junk when, a piercing howl emerged from below deck. A commotion followed and Ryo responded to Mari's accusing glare with his hands gesturing he knew nothing of what was happening. Up and out onto the deck burst a pygmy being wrestled by a giant buto, the bigger stronger man unable to get a firm grip on the writhing mass of fury that was his tiny companion. The situation would have been comical if not for the circumstances and for Ryo the humour of the situation was lost, he looked on with a renewed sense of horror and fear, wondering what had happened down there. Whilst the buto struggled to contain him Mari's voice cracked out like a whip "Temo". His name and the power in her voice enough to settle him, although he didn't take his eyes from Ryo. Lua, satisfied that his companion would not risk Mari's ire further left him to explain what had happened. One of her deck hands brought up the cargo and Temo had to use every ounce of his strength not to gut the pigs where they lay, the sight of the skins of his beloved jaguar, a dagger to his heart. The only visible sign of his internal struggles, a solitary tear that tracked down his cheek. 'All of these lives for some bloody cats' she thought, she looked back to Ryo and offered him an apologetic shrug, she turned on her heel and left, a nod of affirmation to Temo as she went. 

Grand Master 2016

Wow, what a great tournament, fun was had by all and the games were played with great spirit and fairness. A massive congratulations to James Hasker who emerged victorious with the Tengu Descension, you can see his list, tactica and thoughts on the tournament in the forum. He will now go on to create his very own model to be released for Bushido!

Thanks to all that took part especially those that travelled internationally to be with us, we appreciate it and we salute you.



Final Score


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Trials of the Michi

A new battle report is now available:

Kage Kaze Zoku Vs Silvermoon Syndicate (The Envoy, 42 Rice)